Prayer is about intention.
What do I really, really, REALLY want?
What does my higher self want?
When I investigate I often find
that what I am really longing for
is belonging and love.
[People] are not free when they’re
doing just what they like. [People] are
only free when they’re doing what
the deepest self likes. And there is
getting down to the deepest self! It
takes some diving.
– D.H. Lawrence
I’ve believed for a long time
that the one prayer
that is ALWAYS answered is the
is the prayer to become a more
loving person.
“Ask the friend for love
Ask him again
For I have found that every heart
Will get what it prays for most.”
– Hafiz
I recently had a friend
who had a severe stroke
and he almost died.
I prayed.
“All religions and spiritual traditions
begin with the cry “Help!”
― William James
It’s in us to pray.
Have you noticed that when
you or a loved one is in crisis
you turn to a hopefully
benevolent universe for help.
We reach out to what
is there, but may be hidden.
Two types of prayer:
1_ You sense something is missing
and we tap into the longing
for what is already there.
2_ You are overwhelmed with
gratitude and you express it.
Gratitude prayer happens to me
every time I am with family, good
friends, or walking in nature.
Some people avoid prayer
because it enhances their
sense of separateness.
What if your deep longings
and desires came from God in the first place?
In my next post I’ll talk more about how to pray.
Until then… Peace
~ Rod
*Post totally inspired by Tara Brach’s Podcast “Ask the friend for love”

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