I’m not the only one
who wonders why
we choose pain and suffering
over much better things.

It’s good to wonder about this
choice when LIFE seems to
only be a decision away.

There is a part of me that
wants to live life more fully
and there’s a part of me that
wallows in pain
sometimes unconsciously
and sometimes by choice.
Crazy, but it’s true.

I think part of my decision comes
from conditioning…

“No gain without pain”
“No freedom without a battle”
“Whip yourself into shape”

The reality is life doesn’t have to hurt.

Some people say that the desire
for life comes from God
I don’t know for sure (how can I?),
but I’m good with
that being some sort of sign
of the Divine.

Is it too simplistic to say “choose life?”
Is a better life just a choice away?
Is that all it takes?
Of course there’s more, but I have
found that it does help to simply
choose at times.

One of my mentors, Jesse Elder
says to intentionally “practice amnesia.”
I’ve found it’s another tool that works
because it helps me to not rehearse
and reinforce all the shitty choices
I’ve made in the past.
When negative stories from the past
start to creep in, I can observe
and simply move on.

I have found that Life is found
through connection.
The power to make better choices
comes when I tell my
story to someone I can trust.
Those special ones who can listen
without judgement because they
know deep in their hearts
that everything belongs.

One thing I’ve noticed working
with people in extreme poverty
and working with people who are
wealthy in the true sense of the word,
is that life has a certain momentum.
Whatever direction you choose to move
in, you will create momentum for that
type of life. Why not choose life?

Pain is inevitable.
Suffering is optional.

Move in the direction of life, choose
life over and over again, and you
will have life!

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