Notice Your Breathing When You Eat

By Lindsay Vander Hoek – Registered Holistic Nutritionist

I don’t know about you, but I have found that food rules can become laborious and the opposite of what they intended (more on food rules next week). There have been times when I look in the fridge for a snack and have no idea what is right to eat! Or I’m so hungry I just have to eat whatever is in sight.

I’m sure you have heard similar stories, like “that person had the worst diet and lived to a ripe old age of…,” or “that person smoked and ate sugar their whole life and never got cancer.” OR seemingly worse yet, “That person ate SO well, and did everything ‘right’, and still got cancer.”
These stories are confusing especially if you are someone focused on eating the ‘right’ food for whatever reason such as weight, joint-pain, or to boost your immune system.

We see there is more to experiencing a whole, flourishing life than eating the right food.

Maybe you forgot to pack your lunch or are eating on the run today? The practice I’d like to share with you is natural breathing. Equipping your body with oxygen will help get the most out of the food you are eating; whether or not you are eating the “right” food.

Our bodies have an important component of oxygen. It makes up 65% of our weight.

Oxygen is vital for:
Digesting food,
• Creating energy for cells,
Lymph (immune) system,
• Circulation and detoxification

3 steps:

1. Before you take that next bite, first notice your breathing. Are you breathing shallow or deeply? Is your belly moving in and out? How expanded or contracted is your rib cage? Just notice and be aware.

2. Gently allow yourself time to take five deep belly breathes before you chow down (or might I also encourage you to breath a full breath between bites?). You may also admire the food you are going to eat – what colour is it? What will it taste like? Are you thankful for it? This gets digesting juices flowing.

3. Allow yourself time to chew each bite. Chewing will help get nutrients out of whatever you are eating.

Help your body help itself by giving it the oxygen needed for digestion and energy!

Next week: A few healthy food rules

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