Stillwater is about about getting away
from it all to contemplate, relax, and
renew your mind, body and soul.

It’s about connecting with nature in
a special, even divine way.

It’s about sitting on a deck at night
close to the lake or ocean and watching
the sun go down and the stars
appear with your favorite companion while
you drink wine, eat local cheeses,
crackers, and salted chocolate after
playing in the sun all day.

It’s kayaking on still water under
a full moon. It’s about being on a hike,
or snowshoeing and looking up
into the mountains and getting
a sense of everything being connected
and divine.

It’s about simplicity, hospitality, friendship
and family.

Stillwater is about campfires, food, and
conversations with friends.

And finally, it’s about the
occasional adventure, relaxing vacations,
and capturing all of the above on video,
pictures, poetry, and writing and sharing
it with the world.